Kebab Case a string

What is kebab case?

Kebab case is a naming convention used in computer programming, particularly in web development, to name variables, functions, and CSS classes. It is also called dash case or spinal case.

In kebab case, words are separated by hyphens (-). For example, "kebab-case-example" is a valid kebab case string.

Kebab case is commonly used in HTML and CSS to name classes and IDs. For example, if you have a navigation menu in HTML, you might name the class "timestamp-nav-menu" in kebab case. In CSS, you would reference this class with a period, like this: ".timestamp-nav-menu".

Kebab case is also used in programming languages like JavaScript and Python to name variables and functions. For example, in JavaScript, you might name a function that retrieves user data "get-user-data" in kebab case.

Using kebab case makes code more readable and easier to understand, especially when working with complex projects with many variables and functions.